the best greek yogurt for bulking

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Is yogurt good for bulking? The idea that Greek yogurt can help someone "bulking up" is a common one, and for good reason. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium, both of which are key building blocks for muscle. Additionally, yogurt contains probiotics, which can help to improve gut health.

How is Greek Yogurt Good for Bulking?

When you’re looking to add muscle mass, you need to be sure that you’re getting enough protein. Protein is essential for bulking because it helps build and repair muscle tissue. Greek yogurt is a great source of protein, making it an ideal choice for bulking up.

Greek yogurt is high in casein protein, which is a slowly digesting protein that provides your muscles with a steady stream of nutrients. This makes Greek yogurt an excellent choice for those who are looking to bulk up. In addition, Greek yogurt is also high in whey protein powder, which is a quickly digesting protein that helps provide your muscles with the energy they need to grow.

It contains strained milk, and consequently, the lactose is also removed during the very same straining process. Lactose is natural sugar naturally found in milk, which can cause an insulin spike and weight gain if it is consumed.

Therefore, unlike lots of other varieties of yogurt, Greek yogurt doesn't lead to your body accumulating fat as strongly as regular yogurt.

The science behind whether or not yogurt is good for bulking

Yogurt contains a protein that digests very slowly. By consuming a few ounces before bed, you're consuming a slower stabilizing protein that will keep your muscle tissues sustained while you're asleep for eight hours to twelve hours.

Therefore, it permits you to save your Greek yogurt consumption for later in the evening. Such foods include eggs, lean meats, and fish. Furthermore, consider incorporating a whey protein supplement within 30 minutes after a time intensive exercise session. This allows the more rapidly obtainable proteins interested in dealing with repairing and constructing muscle tissue in order to have that function as soon as possible.

Greek Yogurt Ingredients

The picture on the packaging of my Greek yogurt, as you can see, highlights how much protein you get in each serving (about 170 g). This is higher than any other macro it contains. Perfect news for those looking for a trim physique and muscle growth!

Also, note the 170 mg of Calcium. Calcium promotes bone strength and density. Finally, I also circled the L. casei item on the ingredients list. L. casei is a species that helps the gut. Another of the many benefits of probiotic yogurt.

Other nutritional aspects of Greek yogurt make it beneficial for health.

Apart from the protein content, there are several other health benefits related to Greek yogurt other than muscle mass construction. It doesn't matter whether you are merely trying to stay fit or you want to build muscle tissue, Greek yogurt can be beneficial.

  • High Calcium For Bone StrengthGreek yogurt is very rich in calcium, which improves bone strength and density. Particularly when paired with lifting weights as part of the exercise routine.
  • Improve Digestive SystemGreek yogurt includes beneficial bacteria that can help restore the levels of beneficial bacteria within the digestive system and enhance the overall well-being of your digestive tract.
  • Improve Mental Health - A study published in 2016 indicated that when a group of 100 workers consumed 100g of probiotic yogurt a day, they experienced less stress and depression. It is thought to be owing to the connection between gut health and the gut's ability to stimulate the brain to produce more  "feel good" neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.
Eating Yogurt After Exercise

How to include yogurt in your diet to bulk up

Prior to going dirty bulking on the yogurt, it's always advisable to be cautious about the low-fat choices. Research has made it clear that unhealthy fats are not the problem that needs to get tackled. Unhealthy fats aren't the culprit behind coronary heart disease. It's in truth sugar and to a lesser extent starchy carbohydrates that do a great deal of harm. The included ingredient is usually either a form of sugar or a man-made collection of chemical compounds.

The following studies[1][2] show that demonstrate how saturated fat and healthy fat that originate in natural whole foods are good for the body.

Greek yogurt on its own isn't very sweet, so most people regularly like to add other foods to it to make it sweeter. This is a clever practice, but use caution if you're watching your sugar or carbohydrate intake. When pursuing healthful eating, you must count the dietary amounts of any type of food you add to Greek yogurt so it can add up topically to your daily macros.

Lots of people like to add honey to their plain greek yogurt. This is my favorite in addition to the fact that the honey and plain yogurt go well together.

Obviously, maintaining an eye on just how many grams of carbohydrates and sugars are in your diet is important if you want to stay in control of your blood glucose levels. Likewise, continually adding fruit to your yogurt is a good way to make the sugar content climb. Most berries, such as raspberries, have a low glycemic index, but you can always add apple and strawberries to vary the flavor and boost the sugar content and extra calories.

Conclusion: Is yogurt a good choice for bulking?

Absolutely, Greek yogurt is a great way to be included in maintaining and building muscle. Consider that it contains a type of more slowly releasing protein, and that means that you need to eat the yogurt for supper before you go to bed. By doing this, your muscles will be well nourished with proteins all night long. Opt for the yogurt with higher fat percentages, and check the ingredients list for added sugar.

Tart up your schedule by having a whey protein shake after workout or at least getting together with some other sorts of food such as brown rice or wheat bread during the day. This can ensure you get important nutrients into your muscle protein synthesis as soon as possible following a heavy session of muscle building exercise.